Treat your fingers to an Aukey mechanical keyboard for $20

Our love for mechanical keyboards is well known. They're simply more satisfying and responsive to type on compared to most membrane keyboards. The superior typing experience usually comes at a premium, though not always. Proving otherwise is a sale on two Aukey brand mechanical planks.

The first is a tenkeyless Aukey mechanical keyboard (87-key) with Outemu Blue switches. Amazon has it marked down from $36 to $25, and if you apply promo code 4T3PF344, you can have it for $20.

If you can't do with out a dedicated number pad, the 104-key version is currently marked down from $45 to $40. Apply promo code 6VGOUAK4 and it will drop down to $30. The $10 up-charge versus the 87-key model also gets you a six-color backlight with various lighting effects.

Outemo Blue switches are clones of Cherry MX Blues. They offer tactile and audible feedback with a loud "click" sound. Check out our guide on mechanical keyswitches to learn more about the different options out there and characteristics of each one. Also relevant is our list of our favorite mechanical keyboards.

Beyond anti-ghosting, neither of these Aukey keyboards have any gaming features to note. However, if it's a cheap mechanical keyboard with loud click action you're after, then here you go.

You can find the 87-key version here and 104-key version here.

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Paul Lilly

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