Trackmania 2: Canyons price announced. Will be "free to stay"

TrackMania 2 Canyons

Nadeo, creators of the Trackmania series, along with the upcoming Shootmania and Questmania title have been speaking to PC Gamer. Edouard Beauchemin is aware of the recent trend in the profitable free-to-play model, but says it's not the best option for the upcoming Trackmania 2: Canyons.

Speaking at Ubisoft's Summer Showcase yesterday, the international project manager said: "Free to play is so fashionable at the moment. People come up to us and are like 'Make Trackmania 2: Canyon's free to play' and we're like 'No - Trackmania Nations. That's completely free-to-play. You don't have to pay at any time. And we're still looking at 700,000 different people playing the game each month.

"We prefer to call Trackmania 2: Canyons “Free to Stay”. You pay at the entrance and then you stay for as many years as you want. Unlimited content you can download for free from anywhere. You only have the in-game currency that you exchange with your friends through the in-game economy.

"The spirit is good because you're not saying “Oh! That person stole my item that I paid one Euro for. Give it back!” It's fun. It's a game. You pay 20 Euro and you enjoy it."

The UK/US pricing for Trackmania has not been annouced yet. €20 converts to £17.54 or $28.29. We'll have more on Trackmania 2: Canyons soon. Until then, take a look these amazing screenshots and read our latest feature .