Toy soldiers have invaded Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Toy soldiers are deadly. You don’t want to walk around barefoot when they’re near, that’s for sure. Those guns might not fire bullets, but standing on one is like being stabbed by a tiny bayonet. They’ve taken over Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, as well. The war of the wee plastic warriors is a timed holiday event created in collaboration with the Green Army Men mod team. Watch the trailer above.

Instead of playing in the jungles of Vietnam, players can duke it out across the living room, complete with Christmas accoutrements. There’s a big Christmas tree, presents, decorations—the perfect battlefield for a bunch of murderous toys. 

You can hop into this plastic war from the main menu between now and January 7, unlocking a special M1 Christmas helmet for the regular game while you’re at it. If that’s not enough reason to enlist, you’ll also earn double XP while you're melting your enemies. And, like cheap stocking-fillers that nobody wants, you can earn 12 festive achievements.   

I have plenty of fond memories of playing the definitely-not-as-good-as-I-remember Army Men series from 3DO, which is likely a cornerstone for the event and the mod, and I appreciate not needing to take off my rose-tinted glasses for this particular nostalgia trip.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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