Townscaper's pleasant islands drift out of early access this August

Delightfully toy-like island builder Townscaper is leaving early access this August, developer Oskar Stålberg revealed during GameSpot's Play For All E3 livestream this week.

A fairly simple little town builder, Townscaper is a wonderful canvas for creating all manner of quaint seaside villages. Starting from a blank ocean, you pop down houses like colourful Lego bricks, slowly assembling anything from sprawling coastal towns to towering, multi-levelled citadels.

Jacob named it his personal pick of 2020, calling Townscaper a perfect breather from the stress of modern life. Since release, it's gotten a few updates—letting you move the sun, turn off textures for a more minimalist look, and adding propellers to the bottom of flying buildings. 

Stålberg hasn't detailed any bold new features coming with 1.0 besides a Switch port. But keep your ears open for more when we get an exact release date later this summer.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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