Totally Accurate Battle Simulator's Renaissance update adds Da Vinci's tank

Totally Accurate Battle SImulator
(Image credit: Landfall)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator's newest update is out this week and adds the Renaissance faction along with a related new map, campaign, and lots of new units. 

The Renaissance faction's home map is a Venetian-looking courtyard of tall, colorful buildings with a canal along the edge. Perfect for dunking enemy units in, I imagine. Along with its new 32-level campaign campaign, the Renaissance update brings seven new standard units:

  • Halberd
  • Fencer
  • Musketeer
  • Balloon Archer
  • Painter
  • Jouster
  • Da Vinci Tank (Boss Unit)

The update also adds two secret units, Lady Red Jade and the Ballooneer. Despite being a secret unit, the Ballooneer actually appears in the campaign, while Lady Red Jade is a bit tougher to find and unlock.

The boss unit for the Renaissance faction is somehow wilder than a unit that drags foes into the sky with a hot air balloon backpack. The Da Vinci tank is a circus-tent shaped powerhouse that spins and unleashes cannonballs on enemies. Though once it spins up, the metal flaps that allow cannon fire out also might allow projectiles in. According to the TABS wiki, this may also result in unintended friendly fire. Deploy advanced weaponry with caution, then.

Next up on the TABS roadmap is the Pirate faction which Landfall says will include "a new map, seven units and maybe some secrets!"

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is currently in Early Access on Steam.

Lauren Morton
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