Total War: Warhammer’s The Grim & The Grave DLC due next month

Hot off the heels (hooves) of last month’s Call of the Beastman expansion, Total War: Warhammer is set to welcome its first Lords Pack on September 1. That’ll see two Legendary Lords from Warhammer Fantasy Battles joining its ranks—the Empire’s Volkmar the Grim, and the Vampire Counts’ Helman Ghorst—as well as two new lords types in the Counts’ Strigoi Ghoul King, and the Empire’s Arch Lector.       

Here’s the add-on’s official trailer: 

As you’ll have spotted there, The Knights of the Blazing Sun, the Flagellants, and the Free Company Militia will all make their debuts for the Empire; whereas the Vampire Counts will add the Corpse Cart and Mortis Engine into the fold. 

The Grim & The Grave will also introduce squad-expanding Regiments of Renown—“Elite, mercenary variants of existing units; reverently-named squads, batteries and other troops who have distinguished themselves in past conflicts,” as detailed by the Total War wiki. The first Lords Pack will comprise 18, split across both factions. 

What’s more, a coinciding update, available to all players, will add five new maps and a new legendary lord—one Vlad Von Carstein—free of charge. Here’s Sega on that: 

“As part of Total War: Warhammer’s ongoing free content program, an update released alongside The Grim and The Grave will introduce a number of unique new battle maps and Vlad Von Carstein as a free legendary lord for all players. 

“The first—and arguably greatest—of the Vampire Counts is a nigh-unrivalled practitioner of the Lore of Vampires, granting Vanguard Deployment to all units under his command, whose thirst for the throne of the Empire rivals even that of Mannfred himself.”

The Grim & The Grave is due September 1 and will cost £5.99/$7.99 via Steam