Total War: Warhammer unleashes the Vampire Counts at last

Total War_ WARHAMMER - Vampire Counts

I find playing the undeniably, inescapably, no-two-ways-about-it-ly evil option tremendously liberating. I get into character, so when I'm supposed to have morals difficult decisions become agonising as I force myself to think of the metaphorical children and screw myself over doing the 'right' thing. No risk of that with Total War: Warhammer's Vampire Counts, no sir. These fiends are out for blood, calling up an army of the undead to rain misery and damnation over their enemies. Which is everyone.

Creative Assembly has kept the Sylvanian hordes (not these ones) under wraps remarkably well, but now Mannfred von Carstein has arisen to lead them out. We're promised Death magic, necromancy and a rideable Zombie Dragon, which sounds like bad news if you're anyone but the Vampire Counts.

If you're curious as to how they play as well as how snazzy they look in an engine cinematic, CA will be streaming the Counts at 6pm PDT (1am GMT—ugh) right here. If you're determined to go in fresh however, you'll now need to wait until May 24 thanks to a minor release delay.