Total War: Warhammer showcases Realm of the Wood Elves DLC in motion

Dubbed its "biggest DLC to date", Total War: Warhammer's incoming Realm of the Wood Elves expansion is due in less than two weeks. When it lands it'll boast Durthu, the latest Legendary Lord to meander in its murdergrounds—an Elder of Athel Loren who comes packing a host of perks and powers, some of which developer The Creative Assembly has now teased. 

As a result of events which will undoubtedly become clearer when the DLC arrives on December 8, Durthu is no longer the benevolent fellow he once was, having succumbed to an "abiding madness". As a result, he's no longer a healer and teacher, but has instead "taken up a sword and become solely a destroyer", and will boast some of these traits: 

"He makes no distinction between the lost, the innocent and the wicked," adds a post on the Total War: Warhammer Facebook page. "All who tread Durthu's beloved glades without leave are doomed if the Elder happens upon them." 

That post is accompanied by a short Durthu-flavoured Lord Selection video, however here's CA with a more involved look at the Realm of the Wood Elves via a recent let's play. 

Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves DLC is due December 8.