Total War: Warhammer appears to be on its way

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We've known for a while that Creative Assembly has struck a deal with Games Workshop to create games in the Warhammer universe, but now we have evidence that a franchise-themed spin off for Total War will be announced imminently.

That's according to a note by Creative Assembly creative director Mike Simpson in a new Total War artbook, and while the book doesn't release officially until later this month, one Total War fan has gained access to the book early.

Discussing the future of the Total War series, Simpson referenced both Total War: Kingdom and Total War: Warhammer as examples of how the studio intends to experiment with multiplayer in the future. You can read the full excerpt over here (via NeoGAF). Judging by the timing of the book's release date, we're likely to hear from Creative Assembly and publisher SEGA about the spin-off in the coming weeks.

Some quarters of PC Gamer are so excited about the prospect of a Creative Assembly-helmed Warhammer game that they've put together enthusiastic wishlists for it. It is indeed a tantalising prospect, but it's not likely to arrive before Total War: Attila rolls out next month.

Shaun Prescott

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