Total War: Warhammer 3's Immortal Empires DLC is still a fair way off

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Creative Assembly has posted a roadmap of upcoming changes and additions to Total War: Warhammer 3, AKA Princess Maker for daemons, and the long-awaited Immortal Empires is listed as coming in Q3. Warhammer 3's version of Mortal Empires, it's the mode that will combine the factions of every game in the series and put them together on a single map, but it'll only be added in the July - August - September update.

Before then, we should expect update 1.2 in May to include fixes for unit responsiveness, single-entity units standing around when they should be dueling each other, ranged and flying units going idle, AI factions rebuilding towers too fast, and other problems players have experienced. The first free DLC is planned for the same May - June period: a Regiments of Renown pack adding elite units for all the core factions.

As well as Immortal Empires entering beta, the July - August - September section of the roadmap notes a second Regiments of Renown pack will be coming, as well as another patch. Update 1.3 will focus on skill tree reworks, making field battles more frequent, improving Cathay's formation attack ability, and other battle fixes. The Total War Assembly Kit will be coming too, to help modders with their creations.

Update 2.0 will be the next milestone, bringing Immortal Empires into beta. It'll also include the first of several planned Old World Updates, overhauls of early game factions that weren't reworked for Warhammer 2, with the first being the Warriors of Chaos. Warhammer 3's Blood Pack DLC and its first Lord Pack are also scheduled for 2.0.

The roadmap ends with a letter from Richard Aldridge, the DLC game director of Total War: Warhammer 3. "Having taken over the post-launch development of WARHAMMER III," he writes, "my team has readjusted its original gaze and focus to improve the experience of the game, based off the feedback we have received from you and continue to receive.  But in doing so, this has led to a knock-on effect with our original planned roadmap of new DLC for the game—hence the lack of info on this until now."

While it's a shame not to know when DLC like the expected Chaos Dwarfs will be coming, Aldridge was previously DLC game director for Total War: Warhammer 2, an already excellent game that was improved by post-launch changes and additions. Having him and his team take over on Warhammer 3 seems like a good sign. 

As he goes on to write, "the DLC team is furiously gearing up to transition back to doing what they do best: working on new and exciting content that will see Total War: WARHAMMER III supported for years to come: with fan favourite characters, races, unique mechanics and narratives being added, along with an unhealthy dose of special surprises too."

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