Total War: Warhammer 2's next DLC adds its biggest, stompiest dinosaur yet

(Image credit: Sega)

When it comes to Total War, and especially Warhammer games, bigger is always better. It's good news, then, that The Hunter & The Beast DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 is upping the ante on September 11th with the game's biggest and most absolute unit yet; the Dread Saurian, which you can see in the trailer below.

While not quite as tall as some of the bigger monsters in the game, the Dread Saurian easily fills up the most real estate of any creature, and should hopefully be capable of displacing a few enemy regiments by itself. If it isn't, what's even the point of having a giant dinosaur in your army? There's a bunch of other new units coming too, including Kroxigor Ancients, Razordon Hunting Packs, War Wagons and Huntsmen.

As per the title, The Hunter & The Beast also adds a pair of new Legendary Lords to play as or tussle with. Nakai The Wanderer is a chunky crocodile-like Saurus hero, awoken from a centuries-long nap and a little cranky that the jungle is full of pesky humans. On the Imperial side there's Huntsmarshal Markus Wulfhart, who's a bit of an expansionist git, kicking over and looting Lizardman temples, which seems like as good as reason as any to get on the floor and walk the dinosaur.

Of course, this is The Creative Assembly, so there's going to be a few new perks even for players who don't buy the new DLC. There's a free (but still anonymous) Legendary Lord on the way for all, plus a "highly anticipated update for the Old World", which should be good news for anyone playing the Mortal Empires mode.

The Hunter & The Beast DLC arrives for Total War: Warhammer 2 on September 11th, priced at £6.99/$8.99/€8.99. You can find it here on Steam.

Dominic Tarason
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