Total War: Three Kingdoms next patch focuses on families and courts

(Image credit: SEGA)

The next patch for Total War: Three Kingdoms will update the game to version 1.1.1, and it's available now in beta form. The patch addresses issues that have cropped up since launch, and adds in a few nice quality-of-life features fans have been asking for. 

Headlining the new features are the ability to view any faction's family tree. Creative Assembly has added new UI elements in the family tree tab that will let you examine your allies' and rivals' lineages, which could definitely come in handy when arranging marriages or managing spies. The exception to this is the Yellow Turbans, who don't have family trees.

In Three Kingdoms, you've got to keep your court happy, and with the next patch, that will become even more important. Your satisfaction level will have faction-wide impacts—having a high overall satisfaction level will mean less corruption and more supplies, while low satisfaction means you'll have slower XP gain, fewer military supplies, and more corruption.

With the patch, you'll also be able to arrange marriages for any member of your court, rather than only family members.

Creative Assembly has also addressed a raft of bugs and exploits. For instance, you won't be able to "exploit the marriage system for income," or buy certain territories and then immediately flip them for a profit. 

To opt in to the patch beta, right click on the Total War: Three Kingdoms entry in your Steam library and click Properties. Then click the Betas tab and select Update_beta from the drop-down menu.

If a fix you're waiting on hasn't been addressed yet, don't worry: Chances are good that modders have you covered