Total War: Three Kingdoms first in-engine cinematic reveals Cao Cao and a delayed release

Sega and Creative Assembly have released the first-ever in-game cinematic for Total War: Three Kingdoms, the historical(ish) RTS inspired by the 14th-century epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The story follows the adventures of the warlords and generals who struggled to unite China in the 2nd and 3rd centuries; the trailer focuses on one of them, Cao Cao, a "cunning strategic mastermind" and central figure of the Three Kingdoms period. 

Cao Cao is a talker, but also a doer: His talent for "grand speeches" is backed up by an affinity for "breathtaking siege battles and legendary duels." And he'll be pretty handy in a stand-up fight, too. The "romanticized version" of history in Total War: Three Kingdoms means powerful generals will have the ability take on large numbers of enemies single-handedly "and heavily influence battles." If you prefer something a little less fantastical, a Classic Mode will also be available, providing a "more grounded, historically authentic" experience. 

The trailer looks pretty decent, although I would have preferred more actual gameplay and less simulated Go between ancient rivals. Alas, it also brings with it a spot of bad news: Total War: Three Kingdoms had been expected to arrive in the fall, but Sega now says that it won't be out until spring 2019. 

Andy Chalk

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