Torchlight 3's new trailer highlights classes, relics, pets, forts

I'd forgotten how close to release Torchlight 3 is, but here's a new trailer to remind everyone that the cartoony action-RPG is leaving Early Access on October 13. This trailer reintroduces the classes and pets, which include a dog, an owl, and an alpaca, as well as the relics that act as Torchlight 3's subclasses, and player forts.

Torchlight 3 is being developed by Echtra since Runic, who were responsible for the first two Torchlight games, shut down in 2017. It's been in Early Access since June, after being retooled from Torchlight Frontiers. When our Christopher Livingston played Torchlight 3, he said that it felt like a step back even if he did love his steampunk robot. Hopefully the changes that have been made in the months since then have been improvements.

When Torchlight 3 leaves Early Access the price will be going up, from $US30 to $40. Buying the Steam version will get you an exclusive Violet Glittersprite fairy pet.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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