The best songs in Minecraft

top Minecraft songs - a bunch of records littering one of Minecraft's beaches
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What are the top Minecraft songs? Music might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Minecraft, but it's an important factor in creating the game's distinctive atmosphere. It has to add to the ambiance of the game without being too innocuous and getting on your nerves. Given there are so many different things to do in Minecraft, designing music that accompanies them all is an impressive feat. 

To that end, we’ve put together a little list of the best songs in Minecraft, so you know which ones to add to your record collection.

The top Minecraft songs

Minecraft (Calm 1)

It would be remiss not to include this track. Known as Calm 1 in Minecraft's files, or simply 'Minecraft' on the game's 'Volume Alpha' album, this song is the most recognisable tune in the game. I also think it's one of the best songs in gaming. It's light, relaxing melody fits perfectly with Minecraft's (usually) gentle atmosphere. Unfortunately, Calm 1 is the only track you can't find on a Music Disc within the game, meaning it can only be heard when the game chooses to play it. 


If you’ve ever wanted Minecraft to feel like you’re sat in a 1930s dive bar, glass in hand, black ties all around you, then this is the song you should shoot for. It has an excellent smooth jazz feel to it, a great choice if you like the idea of running your own in-game bar for your friends. Should you want to listen to Stal outside of the game, you can find it on the Minecraft – Volume Beta album.  


Ward starts off with the first few bars of Chopin's Funeral March, before flickering out into something else entirely. Yet despite this musical switcheroo, it maintains the same creepy vibe as the intro, trading the haunting organ for an unsettling electronic melody. You can find it on the Minecraft – Volume Beta album.


(Image credit: Mojang)

This one is a little odd, but it fits the name well. With a unique mix of different instruments and a somewhat off-kilter beat, it sounds just like a kitten running across a keyboard. You can find it outside of the game on the Minecraft – Volume Alpha album.


There’s something very Fallout about this one. It has a slightly tinny sound to it and wouldn’t be out of place on an old-school gramophone. It’s an ideal accompaniment if you’re playing with some black and white filters or roleplaying in a post-apocalyptic server. If you want to listen to it outside of the game, then it’s on the Minecraft – Volume Alpha album. 


Zelda eat your heart out! This song has an excellent fantasy vibe and is another great choice for the adventurers among you. There’s more than a hint of Water Temple in there, but don’t let that put you off. It’s found on the Minecraft – Volume Beta album.


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