Saturday Crapshoot Live IV: Blade Runner

Tonight, 8PM GMT! Westwood's Blade Runner adventure game isn't just considered a fantastic conversion of one of SF's most beloved movies, but one of the greatest adventures ever created. But Richard has... well, let's just say always had more than a few issues with it. Have time and distance made its flaws disappear like tears in the rain, or will style and substance continue their bloody feud all the way to the neon streets of 2019?

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Phew, that was a long one! A few technical gremlins aside, that was fun. In particular, the chat box somehow slipped under the screen early on, and it was a while before it was noticed. And later on, what felt like a bug turned out to be a plot gate, while the game carefully avoided a couple of its most infamous screw-ups. Damn you, Izo. Even in death, your plot hole ridden carcass continues to annoy.

Next stream should be some time in February, celebrating or commiserating this year's Aching Solitude Awareness Day. Hope to see you then! (Follow my Twitter for updates)

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