Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett will collaborate on indie adventure game Beatbuddy

Indie adventure Beatbuddy has brought some new talent on board in Rhianna Pratchett , writer of Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider . Pratchett will be polishing the script and storyline for the music-intertwined adventure game.

"No matter what you've written in the past, it's the challenges and the people you work with who really matter,” said Pratchett in a press release. “I cut my teeth on smaller indie titles, so it's great to get to do more work in that space again...”

We last saw Beatbuddy at PAX this year , and the intriguing mix of music and puzzles looked like a game to watch out for, and it's unlike other games in the adventure genre. It utilizes music a little bit like Audiosurf, but... not really. A trailer posted earlier this year might help explain:

I think it's a real coup for German developer Threaks to land an award-winning writer for its first game. The plot was one of the things we liked about Tomb Raider (even if the gameplay didn't always match up with the writing), so hopefully this collaboration can produce some great gaming. Beatbuddy is still in development and will be released later this summer.