Tomb Raider survival guide video shows comforting campfire, gear crafting

Tomb Raider Base Camp

Lara Croft's woman-versus-wild adventure in the Tomb Raider reboot seems a little clumsy at first glance. Still, someone who can fall down a mountain, hit every rock and branch on the way down, and still be alive is probably a good person to ask about survival. In the first of a video series, developer Crystal Dynamics explains how players can rest and recharge at Base Camps and solve puzzles using upgradeable tools.

Lara's Survival Instinct perk is particularly interesting. Though highlighting every object and footprint of interest might break immersion for the sake of a visual aid, it speaks of Lara's gradual transformation into a seasoned explorer. Plus, seeing and following bright lights always leads to good things. Our preview elaborates on Tomb Raider's balance between linearity and exploration.

Omri Petitte

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