The Tomb Raider movie sequel has a new director

Tomb Raider movie
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The Tomb Raider movie sequel, starring Alicia Vikander, has got a new director at its helm. Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green will be making her feature film debut as a director and writer.

Green replaces Ben Wheatley, who was on board to direct the movie when it was announced back in 2019. It was originally slated for a March 2021 release, but was delayed indefinitely at the end of last year which, let's be honest, is not very surprising given the current state of the world.

Green confirmed she'd be taking over directorial duties on Twitter, and even threw her two cents in on what her top Tomb Raider games are. Green's favourite classic Tomb Raider is Legend (which, to be honest, same) and it's a close call between Rise and Shadow for her favourite reboot game.

Most interesting is the clutch of emojis in the middle, which look like cheeky hints towards what we can expect to see in the sequel. As well as the obvious guns, flashlights and 'woman running' images, there's one for Mount Fuji, a Moai statue, zombies, and a T-rex.

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The first Vikander Tomb Raider film came out back in 2018, which drew heavy inspiration from the 2013 reboot game. It didn't do terribly but felt a little like a generic action movie rather than something that did the source material justice.

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