Titanfall trailer introduces Atlas, the workmech of the battlefield

Yes, mechs sound cool, but there are downsides. Take PCG's own NEWSBOT3000. Here we were enjoying some mince pies at PCG towers, when he bursts in, LEDs flashing, going on about some Titanfall trailer or other. Admittedly, it would have helped if we hadn't lost the deactivation codes, but... Dammit NEWSBOT, put down that freelancer. Fine, I'll post about the video already.

Okay, then, with the 40-tonne glorified RSS feed placated, let's talk about Titanfall. The video is a continuation of past mech reveal trailers, following on from the previously announced Stryder and Ogre class robo-mammoths. Atlas, by the sounds of things, is a more meat-and-potatoes kind of stomp lord. Expect it to be a good all-rounder on the battlefield.

Also, and this is less about the actual game, but it really sounds like the narrator is calling the company "Ham and Robotics".

Titanfall could be one of the most exciting multiplayer shooters on the horizon. After years stuck in the drab company of modern-military shooters, it's good to see a big-budget game not just embrace a different setting, but also focus primarily on the speed and manoeuvrability of its fighters. We'll find out on March 11th if that promise translates into a quality game.

Phil Savage

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