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Titanfall videos detail Ogre and Stryder classes

Among the announcements at the VGX Awards yesterday were a few new details regarding Titanfall, which hits PC in the new year. The videos below detail two confirmed Titan classes: Ogres and Stryders. Ogres are heavy duty tanks which can absorb a tonne of damage at the expense of agility. Meanwhile, Stryders are basically the opposite: they're easy to take down but you'll need to be a good shot because they're quick .

According to Respawn there are more Titan classes to be announced. The studio also confirmed that the game is currently in its balancing and fine tuning stage ahead of a March 11 release date (or March 13 in Europe and Australia). Thankfully, Windows 8 will not be required .

PC Gamer sent Tom Senior along to a hands-on event earlier this year. He reported that "Titanfall looks like it'll be fantastic for a quick, disorganised ruckus, but I'm still wondering if there's any tactical meat behind all that mechanical carnage."

Check out the videos below:

Shaun Prescott
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