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Titanfall's first DLC pack, Expedition, due in May, along with free burn cards and modes

Prepare for (more) Titanfall, as Respawn have just announced at PAX East that the game's first DLC map pack will land in May. Expedition comprises three new maps: Swampland, a bunch of marshy alien ruins with trees you can wallrun on , Runoff, which swaps swamps for water and trees for giant pipes, and War Games, which takes place in Titanfall's training simulator and NOT within a classic Matthew Broderick film. Expedition will set you back $10, unless you bought the season pass, in which case you've already paid in advance. Respawn also announced some free mini-updates, including new modes and Titan-flavoured burn cards.

Upcoming free stuff will include a 2v2 version of the existing Last Titan Standing mode, in addition to new burn cards - including Titan-specific cards. A new matchmaking system that uses hashtag filtering to make it easier for players to meet up is also on the way. Titan insignias and a HUD-free spectator mode were mentioned as possible inclusions too.

The following image was posted on the Respawn Twitter account . It looks quite pleasant - shame about the giant battle that's about to break out.

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Thanks, Joystiq .