Titanfall artist talks about the futuristic shooter's "old-school" beginnings

Even though it's set to feature giant mechanized robots, Titanfall found its origins in some decidedly "old-school" development techniques, according to Respawn Entertainment lead artist Joel Emslie. Emslie details this process and more in a two - part interview about the upcoming first-person shooter.

Computers were scarce when the Respawn development studio initially opened, so artists turned to some decades-old methods to visualize their ideas like kitbashing and practical model making, according to Emslie. This hands-on approach had an influence on the game's art design, connecting the giant mechs in Titanfall to some of what we see in classic sci-fi films like Star Wars and Blade Runner, he said.

"We want the titans to feel analog and grounded, genuine," Emslie said, "like a real next-generation or further generation evolved version of an Abrams battle tank."

For Emslie, Titanfall is an experience all about layering game environments, mechs, and pilots together. And with the shooter's jetpack-wearing infantry and parkour-style movement mechanics, it's tough to disagree with the mobility and versatility on display in the game we called the best new FPS of E3.

"When you step into the world of Titanfall, you're stepping into a single-player, alive, AI-driven environment game space, inhabited by other real players, your friends," Emslie said. "Whoever is out there."

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