Titanfall 2 will not feature in Origin Access subscription service

Last month, PC players were dealt a Titanfall 2-related blow when developers Respawn Entertainment announced its multiplayer beta wasn't heading in our direction. Now, it appears getting in early at all is out of the question, as Titanfall 2 will not be part of Origin Access (or its EA Access console counterpart, for that matter).

Speaking to Gamereactor, Respawn confirmed the omission—which means PC and Xbox One players now won’t get early access to Titanfall 2, nor will they get to sample it for free, or be made privy to special deals. The developer did concede the game might be made part of the initiative down the line, however this wouldn’t be until next year at the earliest. 

Although seemingly fit for both Origin and EA Access, as per its criteria, a disclaimer statement appears in the small print of the latter’s FAQ page which underscores the above. It says, quite explicitly: “CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. EXCLUDES TITANFALL 2.”

Which seems pretty clear. Titanfall 2 is set to launch October 28—why not revisit Sam's E3 thoughts in the meantime?