12 Terrific Time-Wasters!

You’ve filed your last TPS report, delivered integrated solutions to actionable items, and thought outside the box to encapsulate synergistic value enhancement, and yet, somehow the clock is pegged at 4:50—immobile, mocking you as you try to find a way to spend the final 10 minutes of your day before you can strip off the yoke of your middle-management overlords. You consider ducking out but know that to avoid the next round of right-sizing, you should remain chained to your desk until 5:01. But just what should you do as you watch the clock tick away?

To make the end of the day a bit easier on you, we’ve scoured the Internet to find 12 fantastic games that will run in your browser—no downloads, no spyware, nothing to raise the suspicions of the IT department. Go ahead, devote some time to refining your zombie-fragging techniques, consulting tarot cards for guidance on future employment opportunities, or increasing your self-esteem by trouncing a coworker in a paper-airplane-flying contest. Remember, the man can keep you chained to your desk, but he can never take your spirit during those final soul-crushing minutes of the workday!

Paper Pilot

First, you build your plane using nothing more than virtual paper. Second, you throw your plane using a virtual you. Third, you challenge your friends to a winner-takes-all, email-based, single-throw deathmatch to see whose nerves are steeliest and who can huck his paper airplane the farthest. Do you have what it takes to out-toss your buddies? There’s only one way to find out!

Flash Element TD

The best part of Flash Element TD isn’t the endless waves of enemies that run through your little labyrinth, imploring you to kill them with automated, tower-themed weaponry. It’s not the witty sound effects that precede each mob, nor the strategic design of the baddies, which truly forces you to rethink your grand scheme as the levels progress. Flash Element TD rocks because you can set your defense, click Play, and get work done while the game chugs along.