Time-looping murder mystery The Forgotten City is out today

The Forgotten City - A golden statue of a Roman citizen in a toga crouches covering their face in a garden.
(Image credit: Modern Storyteller)

The Forgotten City is a murder mystery for an entire city: when one person sins, in this ancient Roman town, everybody dies. And it's out today, if you want that weight on your shoulders.

When one sin has such intense and irreversible consequences—for everyone other than the player safe in their time loop at least—there's intense anxiety and secrecy about what constitutes a sin, as Edwin explores in his review: "Everybody you meet in the game—from closet Christians to household slaves—is preoccupied with these questions, and awash with anxiety about the actions of other characters with different beliefs or value systems. And looming above it all, that temple, a suffocating sentinel that, far from nurturing a spirit of goodwill, has everybody teetering on the brink of civil war."

While based on the Skyrim mod of the same name, The Forgotten City is fully rebuilt, with new characters, quests, endings, and twists, for players familiar with the original. For everybody else: there's a time loop to exploit, twenty-three murders to solve, and historically accurate food-based worldbuilding.

The Forgotten City is available on Steam at a launch discount for £17.54.