Three great Warhammer tabletop RPGs for under $20 is a deal worthy of the Emperor himself

Warhammer 40,000 adventurers battling Orks in Wrath & Glory.
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You might raise your eyebrow at me posting about tabletop RPG bundles two days in a row, and I wouldn't blame you. But I'm afraid I can't just ignore a deal this good on not one but three great Warhammer RPGs. 

Humble Bundle's latest deal includes PDFs of the core books, as well as sourcebooks and adventures, for three of the four major Warhammer TTRPGs: Soulbound, Wrath & Glory, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Imperium Maledictum is left out, but that's new so we'll forgive publisher Cubicle 7 for that. For just £15 / $18, you're getting over £250 / $300 worth of stuff, with more than enough material to run a full campaign in all three systems. 

Soulbound is a game of high-powered, mythic fantasy set in the Age of Sigmar universe. Huge fights against hordes of foes and towering monsters are quick and easy to play out; as I've said here before, I think it's a fantastic alternative to D&D for those who love over-the-top adventure. 

Wrath & Glory, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, leans towards high action and derring do too, though with a more grimdark atmosphere and some deadly critical hit tables. Versatile character creation rules allow for a wide variety of different archetypes to be balanced against each other—so your Imperial Guardsman can work alongside a Space Marine and a Rogue Trader without feeling underpowered.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has been going strong since 1986, and this latest edition stays faithful to the core of the original rules, but with a lot of modern updates. Set in the original Warhammer Fantasy setting that you'd recognise from the Total War: Warhammer games, it focuses in on ordinary people trying to survive in a brutal world. You're more likely to be a ratcatcher or a farmer than a trained soldier, but you'll be drawn into danger regardless. 

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All three games have a lot to offer, and agreeably the bundle includes not just their core books, but full starter sets for them too—ready made adventures with pregenerated player characters and everything you need to get playing right away. I particularly like the one for Soulbound, which sees a party of heroes descending into a very cleverly designed undercity dungeon whose layout is always shifting around the players. 

And if you want a cheaper option, you can get just the Soulbound starter set for less than £1 / $2, or get all three starter sets for just over £8 / $10. You don't get the core books that way, but you'll still have the rules you need to play. 

The bundle is available until November 9th. 

Robin Valentine
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