This week's winners


Welcome to this week's winners , where we reveal the results of our regular competitions. Remember to check back weekly to see if you've won anything! If we don't hear from you by three weeks after your name appears we will give your prize to someone else . Thankfully since we started this series people have been claiming a lot more of their stuff, so no-one has lost out this week.

Unclaimed prizes EU mega-giveaway

We had a whole bunch of unclaimed prizes piling up, so we gave them away, asking you why you deserved them. The Starcraft 2 Special Editions went to Kkcomics and LuckyCricket . kyttike and Rosarchsquare won soundtracks while JaxDasher, valkynaz and The_Whiz . Irishgamer01 won Men of War: Assault Squad and Coreris got Left4Dead.

Also winning were: Hellion, JamesG, Nidhogg, Thosedarnmonkeys, Gamer, MyPonyRocks, Neutroncow, smk123, Whiskeycobra, Ankovian, axiomPCsurvivalist, eoinrade, Ninja_fighterR, robojobo1, Achiyami, Knickerless, R4IDER, Rytle, SoupyBruno, Amnesty, danny_gall, pthedius, Romalat, and sith.

If you're one of these winners, send your full name and address in a private message (not a visitor message) to Tom Hatfield on the forums. If you haven't specified a game then please pick one from these:

  • Men of War
  • Monkey Island
  • Warhammer Online
  • Left4Dead
  • Metro2033 (with Red Faction Guerilla)

If you don't say what you want (or I run out of the one you want) I will send you something at random.

If you didn't win anything, unlucky, but there's still time to enter our World of Tanks competition .