This week's winners

Deus Ex wallpuncher

Welcome to this week's winners , where we round up the results of our most recent competitions. We've just got one competition for you this week, but it's a great one. Remember, if we don't hear from you for three weeks we will give your prize to someone else .

Check inside to see if you've won.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Giveaway

We had three awesome Deus Ex collector's editions to give away, complete with action figure Jensen! To win, you had to tell us how you'd augment yourself if you had the chance. The winners were: vfig , for his cranially stored umbrella. Bowmangr . for his genital laser sights (never miss the rim again!) and Thosedarnmonkeys for his steel re-enforced stubble. Congratulations all!

To win your prize, send me your name and address in a private message on the forum (not a visitor message, unless you want everyone to know where you live) and I'll mail your prize to you.

If you didn't win, unlucky, but don't give up! We'll be giving away more prizes next week.