This week's releases

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Hello and welcome to our regular round up of this week's newly released games in Europe and North America. Wallets at the ready for the shiny new games within.

Dungeon Siege 3

21st June (EU)

Price: £29.99/$49.99

Obsidian's latest outing came out last week in Europe, but lands in North America this Tuesday. You can check out the newly released demo . Get it on steam here .

F.E.A.R. 3

21st June (NA), 24th June (EU)

Price: £29.99/$49.99

The latest in the horror FPS series lands this week, pick it up on steam here .

Gods and Heroes

21st June

Price: £24.99/$49.99

The Roman themed MMO gets a global release on the 21st, you can pick up a copy from direct2drive here .

Eve: Icarna

21st June

Price: Free

Incarna is the latest Eve expansion, giving players the much anticipated ability to walk around outside their ships. Like all Eve updates this will be completely free to subscribers. If you don't yet have Eve you can get it from Steam here or download the client for free here (though you will have to pay a subscription once your 14 day trial has run out).

Last week some of you asked for more indie releases, unfortunately they can sometimes be hard to track down, so if you have any info on an upcoming indie game then please feel free to tip us off in the comments or contact us as