This week's big Warframe update is a mix of mummies and emoji

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A mummy is awakening in Warframe. There's no word on whether a dopey Brendan Fraser will be following it around (let's hope not), but for now look for the mummy-themed Inaros Warframe—which is pretty dang cool-looking—to appear tomorrow when Warframe gets its first big update of 2016: Sands of Inaros.

The Inaros blueprint will be unlocked by completing the new Sands of Inaros quest. We don't have any details on the quest, but we know what the Warframe can do. Inaros' abilities are suitably mummy-like: He'll use Desiccation to "blast enemies with a wave of cursed sand that blinds them and steals their health," while Devour traps targets in quicksand and steals health, eventually creating a friendly Sand Shadow. Sandstorm is a whirling attack which can also 'devour' quicksand-trapped enemies, and finally there's the Scarab Swarm transformation. "Charge to transform health into hardened scarab armor," reads the latter's description. "Discharge to blast enemies with a scarab swarm; survivors have their health drained and bestowed on allies."

Also coming in the update are new weapons, new cosmetics, an "overhaul" to Ship Sabotage missions, new Orokin Moon game modes, and UI changes that include 'Warframe emoji' for chat (♥).

Regarding the Ship Sabotage missions, Reactor Sabotage 2.0 will bring "interactive mission objectives that change depending on squad playstyles," according to the update log. "These objectives create unique environmental hazards and varying extraction goals depending on squad choice. Squads may choose to push through the attack, defend an important piece of the reactor, or take a more stealthy approach to complete the objective."

Meanwhile, Orokin moon is being updated with 20 new environmental tiles, as well as Defense, Spy, and Capture missions. The new weapons include Lesion, "an instrument of unrelenting harm," Mutalist Cernos, a bow with poisonous arrows, and Dual Toxocyst, a bioweapon with a headshot bonus. We'll also get a new landing ship, Xiphos, and two new capes: Abrasys Syandana is said to evoke "stone scarred but not destroyed by the sea's tireless onslaught," while Celestia Syandana is a Conclave exclusive cape which "displays Daily Conclave Challenge progress with a beam of light for each completed challenge."

Most exciting? Emoji. "Share your feelings without words, using your favorite emoji as well as some fantastic Warframe exclusive emoji," writes Digital Extremes. Sounds very fire, fire, fire, fire, hands clapping to me. The UI is also getting a "complete overhaul" which includes "new features and more intuitive settings for private conversations and player searching."

You can see what Inaros and the new weapons can do for yourself in the trailer above and screenshots below. Digital Extremes tells us that the update is scheduled to go live this Friday, March 4th, and says the best way to stay up to date is by following the official Twitter account. After the update is live, the dev team will be streaming an overview on Twitch.

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