This War of Mine: The Last Broadcast DLC tackles truth and consequences in November

The Last Broadcast, the second in a series of "Stories" expansions for the dark survival game This War of Mine that debuted last year with Father's Promise, will be out on November 14. Written by 80 Days writer Meg Jayanth, the expansion will tell the tale of a radio operator struggling with his responsibility to the truth, in an all-new scenario that will "significantly" surpass the scale of the first episode. 

"We’re introducing a lot of new content, with different endings, new radio mechanics, new moral dilemmas about telling the truth that influences the world, new playable civilians and new sites of the city of Pogoren to visit," project lead Tomasz Kisilewicz said. 

"It has to be at least as good as the other stories you can find in This War of Mine. For this reason, when we got the scenario by Meg, we have iterated the episode enormous amount of times. We had to make sure that in the end, the community will have a story they expect from us and we can’t let them down. And now The Last Broadcast is releasing very soon. I would say 'Enjoy,' but a better wording is actually 'Experience that'."  

The Last Broadcast will go for $4 on Steam, and is also included with the This War of Mine: Stories season pass. Because of the expanded scope of the DLC, the price of the season pass is being hiked, also on November 14, from $5 to $7—so if you're interested in this expansion, you might as well spend the extra $1 now and get the whole package. This War of Mine itself is currently on sale on Steam for $6/£4.50/€6.

Andy Chalk

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