This Tali from Mass Effect cosplay even has a light-up mouthpiece

Austrian cosplayer Evelyn Blackwater put a lot of effort into this Tali outfit, even to the point of handprinting the fabric and putting a light connected to a microphone inside the helmet. There's a cable running from them around the back of the helmet to a battery, and you can see it in action on her Instagram. Here's a look inside.

This outfit won the first prize at ComicsCon Austria, and well-deserved too. For more pictures, including some behind-the-scenes pics of the sculpting and casting of the helmet and the work it took to get Tali's three-toed feet right, check out the Instagram she shares with her partner and fellow cosplayer Vincent Blackwater. It also features some shared cosplay, like this adorable Willow and Wilson from Don't Starve.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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