This Sekiro mod gives your katana elemental damage on-demand

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If you're playing Sekiro (opens in new tab) and wish you could infuse your katana with elemental damage on demand—like some of the bosses can—then modder ChoongJing has you covered. Thanks to a mod they released this week (opens in new tab), you can now buff your katana with five elemental damage effects by drinking from a selection of gourds, letting you set your enemies on fire or smite them with lightning. 

The Elemental Weapon Buffs mod adds five new items to the game that, when consumed, each grant you extra fire, divine, poison, lightning or Shura damage. The buffs last five minutes, and you can switch between them by eating or drinking the corresponding item.

The fire, thunder and divine effects are fairly straightforward, and add an extra chunk of elemental damage onto your normal attacks. Poison, in contrast, does 1.25x normal posture damage. The Shura damage—which you get by consuming Ako's Spiritfall—is the most interesting. It doubles all your damage output, gives you 1.3x normal health, but makes you lose a chunk of health every second. It's high risk, high reward.

Each damage type changes the appearance of your sword, and they all look fantastic: you can view a gallery here (opens in new tab). The Shura effect even gives you glowing red eyes.

The full installation instructions are on its Nexus mod page (opens in new tab). As with other Sekiro mods, you'll need to grab the Sekiro Mod Engine first. (opens in new tab) For more, check out our list of the best Sekiro mods (opens in new tab).

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