PUBG replay system nature documentary series returns with The Camper

Sonny Evans' tongue-in-cheek Attenborough-esque nature documentaries span GTA 5, Battlefield 1, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. They're lighthearted and silly and good fun—with the latter leveraging PUBG's new-ish replay system to great effect. 

The Camper casts its lens over one of my own favourite playstyles, as it explores the benefits of hiding in bushes, beneath bridges and under parked cars. Described as "the scourge" of PUBG, Evans posits "the goal of this creature is to be a general nuisance." How dare he. (He's not wrong.) 

When I spoke to Evans following the launch of his first PUBG Nat Geo doc, he told me that despite the limitations of the game's replay system—so far as performance culture is concerned—it has potential to spin more tales of this kind. I love the work coming from GTA 5 in this vein, so I hope and encourage more players to pick up the mantle here. 

If you like the above, Evans has singled out The Stunters in GTA 5, The Noobs of Fortnite, and The Tanks of Battlefield 1. Check out his full catalogue over here.