This no-frills 4K display is on sale for under $300

This no-frills 4K display is on sale for under $300
Newegg has a deal on an Asus 4K gaming monitor for $270. (Image credit: Asus)

Newegg's got a decent deal on an Asus 4K monitor, dropping its price to $270. That's $70 off the list price and $60 off the price on Amazon, where it's currently selling for $330. 'Gaming monitor' might be a bit of a stretch here—it's only 60Hz—but if you want a multi-purpose display for watching 4K video, it's a decent, budget option. 

This is a TN panel, which is the cheapest of the three common types, though it performs best in terms of speed (1ms response time) and reducing motion blur. The trade-off you're making is that viewing angles and color range are better on VA and IPS panels, which are the higher-end options.

Right now, the sweet spot for gaming is 1440p at 144Hz for mid-to-high-end hardware. You'll need a pretty beefy GPU for proper 4K gaming, especially if you want to dabble in running anything with ray tracing, and we really recommend going above 60Hz these days, at least to 120Hz. Getting a game running well at a high refresh rate is, in our view, a better experience than getting 60 fps or lower at 4K.

That said, if 4K is really important to you for video or other purposes, Asus is a reliable brand and this is a good price for an already inexpensive 4K display. You could also go with the BenQ EL2870U, which is another great budget 4K monitor with HDR. The only issue is the BenQ doesn't allow for any rotation, unlike this Asus model, which gives you the option of putting the monitor in portrait mode. 

If you’re more concerned about picture quality, invest in an IPS display, just expect to pay a premium for it. And if you want something a bit pricier that's more tailored for gaming, the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q is our top gaming monitor recommendation right now.

ASUS VP28UQGL Gaming Monitor |4K|1ms |60Hz| $269 (Save $70)

ASUS VP28UQGL Gaming Monitor |4K|1ms |60Hz| $269 (Save $70)
A budget 4K monitor that'll make a decent second screen for watching 4K content while you game.

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