This new PT remake on PC is eerily close to the real thing

A new PC remake of PT has emerged that captures the original game's haunted, looping corridor. Made by Artur Łączkowski and released on, I just played three cycles of it, and while it's not an exact replica of Konami's horror 'demo', in some moments it gets very close. 

PT has become a bizarre and elusive cult hit. In case you don't know the story, 'Playable Teaser' was a demo that suddenly dropped on PS4 back in 2014, and as savvy players worked out how to finish it, they were treated with an announcement trailer for a now-cancelled entry in the Silent Hill series called Silent Hills. In 2015, the demo was sadly pulled from the PlayStation Store, which only added to its strange reputation. Years later, players were still discovering secrets in the game, like new locations of the game's ghost enemy, Lisa. On Ebay, people still sell original PS4s with the incentive of having PT downloaded onto the system. 

On PC, there have been a bunch of fan remakes of PT—this is just the latest. Sam Horti wrote about two prototypes back in January, and we covered PT for PC's shutdown in July. In a nice outcome, Konami made it up to the latter's creator, Qimsar, with the offer of an internship. I assume this remake will meet the same fate as PT for PC, but I guess we'll see. 

I didn't play those particular remakes, but this version has a lot of the same beats I remember from the PS4 edition. It doesn't have the starting room or the staircase that resets the loop, but as a recreation of the space, it's extremely close to what I remember. 

Konami has never released another version of PT, but it really should. Shout out to September 1999 developer 98DEMAKE, whose tweet this morning alerted me to this remake's existence. 

Samuel Roberts
Former PC Gamer EIC Samuel has been writing about games since he was 18. He's a generalist, because life is surely about playing as many games as possible before you're put in the cold ground.