This modder added VR support to Resident Evil Village when Capcom refused

Modder Praydog, who previously added VR support to Resident Evils 2 and 3, has now brought the headset-based immersive gaming of the future to Resident Evils 7 and Village. Ian Higton at Eurogamer got the chance to sample the nearly-finished mod ahead of its release. Praydog intends to release it for free, but you can also support his future VR projects by backing his Patreon.

Resident Evil 7 had very well-received support for Sony's PSVR headset, but never got a PC version, while Resident Evil Village never even received the PSVR nod. The demand for such a mode remained, however, given how well the games' slow-moving, first person action lends itself to VR play.

Praydog's treatment is arguably even better than the official PSVR Resident Evil 7, which supports the headset only and requires a standard controller for movement and aiming. Praydog's mods, meanwhile, allow for full motion controls and even include a fully animated viewmodel instead of the official version's "floating camera" approach.

VR perspective of glitchily dunking RE Village's Baby Rose in hot sauce.

Do not dunk the baby. (Image credit: Eurogamer, Capcom)

Eurogamer's video showcase of the mod is a real treat as well, with Higton taking a particular delight in the combination of motion controls and the uncanny-valley adjacent model for Ethan Winters' infant daughter that the game makes you hold throughout the introduction.

The mod also adds a whole new dimension to Village's infamous encounters with Lady Dimitrescu, allowing players to experience the… horror? Yes, the horror of getting held down and eviscerated by the 9 foot-tall matron in its full, immersive glory.

Once finished, you can likely find the project on Praydog's github page alongside his prior work on Resident Evil VR. 

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