This mod lets you play a badass '90s-style corridor shooter inside Fallout 4

If you've grown a little bored with Fallout 4's holotape minigames, here's something a bit more entertaining. It's a mod called Revolted, and it gives you a custom retro 1990s-style corridor shooter that you can play inside Fallout 4. The mod, created by Cohagen, has a pulse-pounding chiptune soundtrack, wonderfully stilted and over-serious voice acting, and some 2D digitized sprites sprinkled into the 3D levels for some added nostalgia.

With the mod installed, head to Concord, where inside the Speakeasy you'll find a computer terminal on the second floor. Activate it, and you can play Revolted. In the mingame, you inhabit an ass-kicking, cigar-chomping Overseer with a gravelly voice and no patience for mutants, perhaps inspired by Duke Nukem.  The door to your vault has been opened, allowing monsters inside, and your job is to close it again, while blasting your way through zombies and other enemies. 

You're not just shooting, mind you: There are a few interactions with NPCs (also deliberately poorly voiced), some of that shitty '90s platforming that was always shoehorned into shooters of that era, and of course, you'll have to hunt for colored keycards to open various progress-blocking doors.

It's an impressive mod, both fun and funny, as well as a bit profane (there are a number of references to male genitalia). The awkward dialogue and voice acting, plus the music and sound effects, perfectly reflect shooters of the '90s.

It's also got a few surprises I won't spoil, other than to say that there's an amusing boss battle near the end. And when you decide you're finished with the minigame, take care: it might not be finished with you. 

You'll find Revolted over at Nexus Mods.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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