This Minecraft replica of Final Fantasy 14's Sharlayan is so good I thought it was an in-game screenshot

Final Fantasy 14's Old Sharlayan recreated in Minecraft
(Image credit: Mojang)

I am undeniably an absolute sucker for people recreating cool stuff in Minecraft, and nothing has hit my interests more than this fantastic Minecraft replica of Final Fantasy 14's Old Sharlayan.

The Grecian-inspired city is the first new area you visit in Endwalker, the game's latest expansion. It's become one of my favourite zones in the game and this replica has done a great job at capturing how gosh-darn pretty the whole place is. The creation comes courtesy of a BiliBili user, who posted a two-minute video of their build to the Chinese social media site. It shows off the giant statue/fountain seen in the Endwalker trailer, the sage council building and the city's main aetheryte which is even spinning in the recreation. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a way to check this out in Minecraft ourselves, so we'll just have to admire the trailer a few times.

It's one of those builds that's so good, I initially thought a Reddit post showing it off was an in-game screenshot from FF14. It was only when I did a double-take that I realised it was actually the result of some meticulous block-placing (and what appears to be a little bit of photoshop work.) According to its creator, they haven't actually gotten around to playing Endwalker yet, instead gathering screenshots from trailers and other people's gameplay. Fellow BiliBili users seem to be super into the build too, with a few cheeky comments thrown in about the infamous Sharlayan grapes. 

I feel like I say this every time I peep a cool Minecraft build, but people's creativity with this game never fails to amaze me. From Genshin Impact's Mondstadt to the team who spent 10 years building a blocky Middle Earth, I always look forward to seeing what people are going to build next.


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