This is what Microsoft Flight Simulator looks like on three CRTs

The last time I played a flight simulator it was on a Compaq monitor just like the one in the middle of retrotech YouTuber LGR's setup seen in the video above. This is clearly the best way to experience Microsoft Flight Simulator and I simply shan't bother to play it until I too can slide three CRTs side by side and play it like this. 

As LGR explains, "Those BEZELS, haha. Playing FS2020 on three CRTs using Nvidia Surround on Windows 10. They're displaying a whopping 3072x768 resolution at 60hz using Displayport to VGA adapters" They aren't even matching monitors, the absolute lunatic. It's worth noting that it's running at max graphics on a GeForce RTX 2080 Super. Also, that must be a real sturdy table to hold all that weight.

It's hard to focus on what's actually going on in the game with those distracting boxes on the shelf containing treasures like the Doom Trilogy and Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy! but the ending is worth it.

Now if only those monitors were stacked vertically we'd be able to view the Melbourne monolith in all its glory.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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