This hilarious Red Dead Redemption 2 drunk mod lets you go on an endless bender

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

One of Red Dead Redemption 2's best missions sees Arthur and Lenny getting absolutely smashed in a Valentine saloon. But what if you could be drunk in Rockstar's cowboy epic all the time? With this mod by The Great Grantini (amazing name) this is now possible, and the results are hilarious.

You can get drunk in saloons, but this is better because you can achieve the maximum level of inebriation at the push of a button, the screen isn't all warped and woozy, and if you want to instantly snap out of it you can. I spent an hour this morning crashing around Red Dead's towns, making a nuisance of myself, and it was incredible fun. Here are some highlights.

Andy Kelly

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