This GTA 5 mod transforms the game with 70 characters, 50 powerups, battle royale elements

In the description of Complex Control, Grand Theft Auto 5 modder Theaetik says their project combines roguelite and battle royale mechanics to create something with "high replayability and variety" that "feels as though there's always something new to experience every run." After watching the mod in motion, I can't help but think this is an understatement. 

Let's have a gander:

As can be seen there, Complex Control has a lot going on. It boasts 50 "unique and balanced" abilities with cool downs—such as blink teleporting and slow motion mechanics. Players choose one of 70 characters and are tasked with surviving fast-firing warzones, populated with dropping and driving AI enemies—wherein kill streaks boost their overall scores.   

Creator Theaetik notes that Complex Control has a save system separate from the GTA 5 base game, and that the mod's special abilities coupled with its roguelite elements—"procedural gameplay, permadeath, permanent progression"—set it apart from the typical battle royale experience. Likewise, player avatars are progressed until they die. 

Moreover, Complex Control has a four-rank level system which is reflected and tracked by a total career score. The mod's GTA5 Mods page houses more information, installation instructions, and a note from Theaetik that says the project is a result of 1,500 hours of solo development, redesign and testing. 

Here's another look at Complex Control in practice:

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