This gorgeous Witcher 3 hyper-realistic cloud mod will stop you in your tracks

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Like most (opens in new tab) open (opens in new tab) world (opens in new tab) games, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has enjoyed loads of sky-beautifying mods since launch. Hyadum's New Heavy Clouds, however, may well be the prettiest cloud-enhancer I've seen to date. Let the footage above wash over you. 

With so many nooks, crannies, sidequests and characters, The Witcher 3's Continent is a wonderful playground. But I suspect New Heavy Clouds will force your gaze upwards, as you take in the beauty that now stretches out above. 

Like this: 

And these: 

And this:

And, just, wow: 

"Not much to say, this mod changes the clouds textures used in heavy weathers," explains Hyadum on the mod's Nexus Mods page (opens in new tab). "I've been trying to mod clouds for quite a bit and I think I got an interesting result, so here it is. I wanted them to be 'heavier' in looks and not too flat like sometimes vanilla ones can look. Obviously not perfect, but who cares."

I think you're selling yourself short there, pal. Take a bow. 

Installation instructions for Hyadum's New Heavy Clouds live this-a-way (opens in new tab)

Big Geralt approves.