GTA 5 gets a cloud retexture mod that's out of this world

Grand Theft Auto 5 looks lovely in its vanilla PC state—but overhaul mods like Jamal Rashid's Natural Vision Remastered elevate San Andreas almost to the point of photorealism. The most recent aesthetic-adjuster to catch my eye is Modojo's New Clouds for Visual V. It is gorgeous. 

VisualV, for those unaware, is another popular GTA 5 overhaul project which, at the time of writing, has been downloaded over 660,000 times. New Clouds for Visual V is a work-in-progress endeavour that leans on that to retexture the San Andreas sky. The results are stunning. Look, see: 

The same creator's Mirror Park Garden mod is a couple of years old now, but is no less impressive. With the help of 1,100 or so props, this undertaking transforms the game's Mirror Park into a leafy paradise that's designed to reflect Tokyo's Shinjuku National Garden. 

Expect cherry blossoms, angel statues, pond areas and more within an idyllic sprawl that looks like this: 

Interestingly, Modojo notes that Mirror Park Garden was their first ever GTA 5 map mod. More on that can be found this way—whereas full details on New Clouds for Visual V, including installation instructions, can be found over here

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