GTA 5 gets a cloud retexture mod that's out of this world

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Grand Theft Auto 5 looks lovely in its vanilla PC state—but overhaul mods like Jamal Rashid's Natural Vision Remastered (opens in new tab) elevate San Andreas almost to the point of photorealism. The most recent aesthetic-adjuster to catch my eye is Modojo's New Clouds for Visual V (opens in new tab). It is gorgeous. 

VisualV (opens in new tab), for those unaware, is another popular GTA 5 overhaul project which, at the time of writing, has been downloaded over 660,000 times. New Clouds for Visual V is a work-in-progress endeavour that leans on that to retexture the San Andreas sky. The results are stunning. Look, see: 

The same creator's Mirror Park Garden mod is a couple of years old now, but is no less impressive. With the help of 1,100 or so props, this undertaking transforms the game's Mirror Park into a leafy paradise that's designed to reflect Tokyo's Shinjuku National Garden. 

Expect cherry blossoms, angel statues, pond areas and more within an idyllic sprawl that looks like this: 

Interestingly, Modojo notes that Mirror Park Garden was their first ever GTA 5 map mod. More on that can be found this way (opens in new tab)—whereas full details on New Clouds for Visual V, including installation instructions, can be found over here (opens in new tab)

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