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This gaming laptop is a powerful alternative to the delayed Steam Deck, and cheaper due to Black Friday

black friday cheap gaming laptop - dell g15
(Image credit: Dell)

If you've been unlucky in your search for a Steam Deck so far, then you may be looking for a Black Friday gaming laptop deal this year. Of course, even though both types of hardware are portable gaming machines, they are very different bits of kit. Still, depending on your priorities, you may find that this version of the Dell G15 offers what you're looking for, now $599.99 after a $419 discount. Note: The deal goes live 6pm ET (3pm PT) on November 25. Not that I'd recommend this at anywhere close to its $1,018.99 original asking price, mind.

As Black Friday gaming laptop deals go, this isn't be best, but it does have some advantages over Valve's 512GB top-end machine. While the GTX 1650 it's packing won't bother the contenders on our list of the best gaming laptops, it does make it more powerful than the Steam Deck's RDNA 2 GPU. That's not bad considering the most expensive Deck costs $649.

It also has a more powerful CPU, with 6 cores and 12 threads in its i5-10500, next to the Deck's 4 cores and 8 threads. Going for the G15 also, naturally, gives you a bigger screen. If you're a strategy person, for example, you'll appreciate the larger panel—the G15's is 15.6 inches, at 1080p, 120Hz. 250 nits isn't especially bright, though.

Dell G15

Dell G15 | 15.6-inch | Intel Core i5 10500H | Nvidia GTX 1650 | 1080p | 120Hz | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | $1,018.99 $599.99 at Dell (save $419)
This isn't the best deal you'll find this Black Friday, but it does have some advantages over the Steam Deck. If you can stomach the small storage, then there's a decent package here for the price. Don't try putting it in your pocket, though.

Now, onto the disadvantages. The obvious one is that it's less portable than a Steam Deck: While Valve's device isn't exactly suitable for anyone without (literal) deep pockets, it's certainly easier to carry around than a full 15.6-inch laptop. It also only musters half the RAM of Valve's tech.

But the glaring issue is the meagre storage: 256GB just isn't enough nowadays, and half of what you'll find in the top-end Deck. It is an NVMe drive, so everything you do on the G15 will be lightning fast, but it means you'll have to be very choosy about what you install. Once you've downloaded Windows and all your other essentials, that's barely enough for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. On its own.

If this version of the Dell G15 isn't for you, know that there are all sorts of other variants. This one, for example, boasts an RTX 3050 Ti and an 11th Gen Intel CPU with twice the storage for just under $200 more. And for a little under $100 more you can get a bigger screen, 3050, and twice the storage in this Asus TUF machine. It's sold out at time of writing, but keep an eye out for it if those are the kinds of enhancements you're needing.

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