This Fallout 76 CAMP trap is a brutal and hilarious math test

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Camps in Fallout 76 are meant to be cosy places for storing your gear and hosting charming post-apocalyptic tea parties. But over time they've established a second function: they're excellent for trapping and murdering other players. The latest innovation in this murderous niche is 'math camp': basically a trap that requires the victim to solve a math problem before they can escape.

The work of reddit user Vault101manguy, once the player has entered the camp an automated door shuts and locks behind them. A math problem is written on the wall, and there's a keypad for entering the correct answer, which unlocks the door. There's one big catch: if you don't solve the math problem quickly enough you'll burn to cinders.

The creator was inspired to create math camp after witnessing countless inescapable CAMP traps. "A game needs to be winnable," Vault101manguy wrote on reddit. "Corpses may burn but nothing burns brighter than the hope of survival. Following this line of thought I tried to think of a new game... to think of the most terrifying, heinous threat someone could encounter in the wild... and as I communed with Satan for a time, it appeared... math problems."

The same user created this Deathclaw Maze earlier this year, which is exactly as terrifying as its name implies. Read more about the creation on reddit, and check out a video of the math camp in action below:

Shaun Prescott

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