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This $750 six-core Dell gaming laptop is fantastic for school and 1080p gaming

Dell G5 15 gaming laptop on blue background
(Image credit: Dell)

You can get a lot of laptop for less than a $1,000 nowadays, and the Dell G5 15 stands as testament to that fact. It's not like this is a particularly large gaming laptop at just 21.6mm thick, but it does comes with a surprisingly great CPU that delivers both the gusto for school or work and 1080p gaming, alongside a GTX 1650 Ti GPU. 

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With Dell behind the wheel, you can be sure this is a quality machine. I've spent some time with a previous G5 model and it was a hardy beast, and one of the more sleek looking designs at the price point.

With this model, there's an eye to optimising for performance, not merely a significant price saving. It's equipped with 8GB of RAM in a dual-channel, 2x 4GB, configuration, which means you're not limited by bandwidth to your CPU that can often slow down an otherwise decent cheap gaming laptop.

Dell G5 15 | Intel i7 | GTX 1650 Ti | $1,009.99

Dell G5 15 | Intel i7 | GTX 1650 Ti | $1,009.99 $749.99 at Dell (save $260)
The 6-core, 12-thread Core i7 10750H you'll find here is a lot of CPU for not much money, and reason enough to scoop this laptop up on its own. And while GTX 1650 Ti GPU isn't going to set any gaming benchmark records, it will still deliver decent 1080p gaming performance. You get 2x 4GB RAM for proper dual-channel support and a 256GB SSD to round out a decent spec for a great price. 

And speaking of CPU, the Dell G5 comes with the surprisingly fantastic six-core Core i7 10750H. For only a little less cash, the Dell G3 comes with a significantly slower and less core-happy chip in the Core i3 10300H, so it works out as a pretty fantastic deal for just 15 bucks more. You're also slapping a Ti badge on that 1650 with the G5 over the G3, which only comes with a GTX 1650.

That's $15 very well spent.

The Dell G5 15 laptop deal is only available for a limited run right now. If you're not convinced, we may see similar deals crop up over the Black Friday weekend, so check back on our Black Friday gaming laptop deals hub for the latest as we tumble towards the event horizon.

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