This $200 Anda Seat is the cheapest gaming chair we recommend right now

Anda Seat Jungle 2 chair on a blue background
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Anda Seat Jungle 2 | Neck pillow | Lumbar support | Footrest | $249.99 $199.99 at AndaSeat (save $50)

Anda Seat Jungle 2 | Neck pillow | Lumbar support | Footrest | $249.99 $199.99 at AndaSeat (save $50)
Already decent value for the money, we scored the AndaSeat Jungle a 70 in our testing. This was a $300 chair at the time, and it's not a terrible chair, just a little off when it comes to the footrest and finish for the price. Otherwise its a great chair for the money, and even more so now that it's $100 off the price we reviewed it at.

There are cheaper gaming chairs than this but none we've actually tested, reviewed, or recommend. The Anda Seat Jungle 2 offers a fairly wide profile with lots of support, and it's not actually hideous, which really is a plus for a gaming chair nowadays.

In our Anda Seat Jungle 2 review our reviewer Junae Benne noted: "For anyone wanting to improve their posture, wants a simple chair that’s not too flashy, this is for you."

There's a lot to like about the Jungle 2. It features a pretty luxurious design with two plush cushions for your back and head. The majority of the chair is covered in PVC leather (DuraXtra AD leather), but there's a touch of velvet-looking material for sides of the backrest and parts of the footrest. Beneath all that, there's a high density foam over the steel frame.

Speaking about the footrest, Junae's main complaint was with the Jungle's "flimsy footrest". Yeah, it's not your average gaming chair in that regard, as the Jungle does come with an attached, fold-out footrest that comes into play alongside the 160° recline. It's just a bit fiddly to fold back under the chair and out of the way. 

Basically, the footrest feels like an afterthought on what is actually a decent chair for the money.

If you can look past the footrest, or you actually like the sound of it, the Anda Seat does offer a wide and supportive base, able to support 200lbs. Junae notes in her review that it would be better if the chair had a flatter seat base for people with wider hips, as it can be a bit restrictive in that way, but generally that it's a comfortable chair to rest in over long periods. The extra bit of padding on the second-gen model helps heaps.

The armrests on this model are only 2D. Like in how they move, not how they occupy physical space. You can adjust the height and slide them back and fourth and around on the screws for a bit more customisability. Pretty standard stuff, but hey, it's a chair and not a pricey one at that.

That's the thing, this isn't our favourite gaming chair, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 (though that's currently on sale, too), but it is a solid gaming chair on a budget. It's so easy to be stung by far too cheap gaming chairs that don't live up to standards, and especially don't offer the support required for an actually decent sitting position. The Anda Seat isn't perfect, but it's a chair we've tested and actually know will deliver the basics well for $200.

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