This Diablo 4 chest wouldn't stop vomiting loot until it crashed the game

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Treasure Goblins watch out: this Diablo 4 treasure chest just puked up enough rare items to crash the game.

Reddit user High-With-You posted a clip of a treasure chest with a seemingly infinite amount of loot inside of it. Items of all rarities gushed out with every click and they say it didn't stop until the game crashed, presumably from all the items on the screen.

"It kinda feels wrong but I can't stop, kinda like a cash machine spitting out notes," they wrote. "I probably shouldn't but…"

High-With-You was trying to complete the quest A Sodden Pact in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4. Just north of the quest's objective, they found the world's most generous chest. Loot came pouring out every time they clicked it, like they got access to a loot valve with an endless supply of Legendary and Sacred items.

High-With-You says they were on World Tier 3, which means the item drops weren't as valuable as they could've been in a higher world tier, but they said they have "half a stash tab of uniques" from the short experience.

"Had some randoms join me and they were getting items too, [teleported] back and my game crashed aha," they said.

Erm... from r/diablo4

For a few hours last week, a little more than a hundred players were able to grab Diablo 4's rarest and most powerful items from Helltide chests due to a bug. Blizzard shut it down quickly and decided to let everyone keep their "Uber Unique" items. If High-With-You had been on World Tier 4, where those items can actually drop, this infinite chest glitch would have been a lot worse—or better, depending on whose side you're on. For all we know, the secret cow level is in there.

Surely, Blizzard wouldn't let players stuff their pockets with that much loot in the span of seconds. Even if they weren't powerful upgrades, that amount of items could net you way more gold than you should be able to earn that fast.

A commenter on the post warned High-With-You to make sure nobody's name is in the video so Blizzard can't ban them, to which they replied: "It's ok I've transmogged, they'll never find me."

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